* PLEASE NOTE: Insurance companies subcontract out their patient insurance policies to "subsidiary insurance companies".  Thus the "subsidiary insurance companies" may go by a different name other than the original "mother insurance company's" name.  As a provider we are only given the name of the "mother insurance company" name and not their subsidiaries.  This is why it is important to go to your provider book or insurance website to confirm if we are an "In-Network" provider for your subsidiary named company.  We can only confirm that we are "In-Network" with the list of "mother company" insurances.

Barth Family Dentistry "In-Network" Insurances include:

  • Private PPO Insurance Plans
    • Adenta
    • Aetna
    • Assurnat Employee Benefitss
    • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (but only 3 of the many plans.  Please verify with your insurance if your plan is in our network).
    • Cigna
    • Connection Dental
    • Delta Dental
    • Denetemax
    • Dental Care Plus
    • DHA- Health Alliance
    • GE Consumer Finance Benefits
    •  GE Wellness
    • Humana
    • Metlife
    • Superior Dental Care
    • United of Concordia
    • United Health Care
  • Discount Plans
    • ​Carington
    • Humana
    • Aetna
    • GE Wellness
  • Medicaid Plans 
    • ​​Passport
    • Aetna Better Health
    • Wellcare
    • Humana Care Source

*  Pre-Authorization available upon patient request following initial exam and treatment plan.

Dental Insurances

*  If we are not an in-network provider for your insurance, please submit your insurance contact information (Insurance Company Name, Address and Phone Number) to our office manager, Rhonda Felts and we will evaluate and consider becoming a provider.

​* We accept ALL "In-Network" and "Out-Of-Network" Dental Insurances.